Getting Your Business A Winning Edge

Is Your Business Answering The 8 Consistent Questions In Your Buyers Head That Gets Your Business The Winning Edge!

Did you know there are 8 fundamental and consistent questions your business has to answer every day to win business?

These questions are consistently, even sub-consciously going in your buyers mind and unless you answer them they will not buy from you.

Knowing what they are is crucial because YOUR

business survival depends on it...

And in the long sales cycle, low repeat buy, high value, services businesses we help, such as residential or commercial agency, relocation, home search, mortgages, surveyors, Proptech, or removals, its essential you get them right!

Whilst your margins are far higher than many other business sectors if you don't hook those prospects in the first place that income can never be yours...

If you give your target audience the correct answers you boost your results massively. Which means your competitors lose - not you.

But in your prospects mind, for every wrong answer, that's business you have lost.

And time is never on your side...

...the clock is ticking and for every second you don't give your market the right answers money is slipping away, seeping out of your pockets into your competitors.....tick tock, tick tock.

These 8 key questions seem simple but if you don't match every word, every letter, every action with what is going on in your prospects mind, in the right way, in the right places, they will never come to you...they will just go to the competitor that does...can you afford that?

The 9 questions are:

Who are you?

I know of you, your local to me/I have seen your brand/you have reached out to me before, but I don't REALLY know your business

What, exactly, can you provide me?

I don't know what makes you different?

I don't know who your other customers are?

I don't know how good you are or what value you can add to my business?

I don't know your reputation properly...

Now, what was it you want to sell me?

Getting leads is the LIVEBLOOD of all businesses...and for you to win in a business with long sales cycles, you need to emphatically answer all the above in all the channels your prospects look to find out who they want to partner their business with.

You need to be in front of them with the right the right time...

AND If you do you - convert more

And you do it in ways that positions your business in places other businesses cannot compete with...

Using methods that create hidden desires for your product or service...

That builds up your business so they can see you as someone they can know, like and trust...

And answers all the conversations going on in their head because that will pull them to you at the crucial time they are looking to buy.

FAIL to Answer any of those questions and you lose out. Painfully. Slowly. Consistently. And for many business - often fatally!

Businesses that answer those questions in ways the audience connects with WIN

So, if you are fed up with losing out and would like to ramp up your chances of winning more often, PropertyCopy has many tried and tested methods to answer every question to get your market SOLD on you. We start with the simplest and quickest way to prove our worth and we help you mine the hidden gold you already have sitting in your business.

Call us to find out more on 01635 917373 or email

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