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Your business has to answer these eight questions every day just to stay in business as well as win new business!

These questions are in your buyers minds when they assess if you are the one to help them achieve what they want. And unless you answer them they will not buy from you.

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And in the long sales cycle, low repeat buy, high value, services businesses we specialise in helping at PropertyCopy like residential or commercial agencies, relocation, home search, mortgages, surveyors, proptech, roofing, refurbishment removals and more, it's essential you get them right!

Whilst your margins are far higher than many other business sectors if you don't hook those prospects in the first place that income can never be yours...

These 8 key questions seem simple but if you don't match every word, every letter, every action with what is going on in your prospects mind, in the right way, in the right places, they will never come to you...they will just go to the competitor that does...Sadly, you will probably never know...until it is too late! Which we know is something you cannot afford!

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