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Whitepapers & Case Studies -The Market Authority Creators

White Papers and Case Studies need to be part of your “Pre-eminence Strategy”.

The reason being….modern buyers can smell a sales message a mile off.

Yet – telegraphing “I’m gonna sell ya!” is how many businesses approach their prospects and then wonder why they never bought.

White Papers, like Case Studies, are "business positioning" tools, in a buyer’s eyes. But in your hands they help you get around the typical sales “resistors” people have. Business stories - which is essentially what White Papers and Case Studies are - are “none salesy” sales messages.

Case studies and White Papers have their place in every business’s content flow, and how you publish and use them is crucial to every businesses success – even yours.

Papers that educate and inform. Papers that position your business as THE authority in your market are a fundamental part of the “Pre Eminence Strategy” every business needs to have. You do have one don't you? A pre-eminence strategy I mean?

Being the Hero Of The Hour – The Foundation Stone Of Your Market Authority

Case studies are great “before and after” stories, whereas whitepapers are “authority” papers.

Case studies are “success stories” whilst whitepapers are educational and informative. They define a specific issue you know your market and customers or clients need solving.

The picture it paints, using a specific formula of Problem – Agitate – Resolve, be that a property subsidence issue, or to do with lettings or shared ownership, the fading out of Help to Buy Equity Loans, mortgage market changes, storage insurance issues, tanking issues on hill side property, or other market problems. The whitepaper, using data, fact, comment, and context presents you as the Hero Of The Hour. It shows how you solve it with a solution that you supply. Yet it focusses on the customer or the problem, from a customer’s perspective.

The Long and Short Of It…

Whitepapers are typically 5-10 pages in length and are proven to help buyers of services like yours make the right buying decision - especially in markets with long sales cycles, low frequency, high value purchases.

For example a recent survey by a US media business found that 84% of businesses found white papers moderately or extremely influenced their buying decision.

White Papers can show empathy, leadership, and a deep understanding of the customer. They can be very specific and lead the prospect to take action. They need to show clarity, certainty and are used to persuade and influence buyers to learn about and buy from your business.

A man trusts another man when he sees enough of himself in him.” -- Gregory David Roberts

.....Whitepapers build trust and can be impactful on the reader’s frame of mind.

When you are buying something you won't do that UNLESS the business or service you are buying from has built that trust with you. The potential buyers of your services are just the same - and whitepapers are a great way of building that trust and turning potential buyers into actual buyers. And Case Studies are another supporting piece of sales collateral that can show the before and after side of the item or solution or in question.

Businesses without white papers and case studies put themselves at a severe disadvantage to your competitors that do.

Whitepapers are sales documents but much more sophisticated to produce. The language is subtler and not hard selling. Yet they still need to sell.

The essential facts need to be investigated and uncovered. Then the essential facts and truths of a problem need to be put into a "thread" of powerful and compelling words, that stays on track, is easy to read

You need to interview and ask the right questions of the audiences, to drill down to the real essence of both the problem and the solution

By creating these papers you can rapidly boost how your business is perceived by your marketplace.

You need to show you understand, empathise with and specialise in your market.

Can we help?

At PropertyCopy we help produce compelling visual and written content to help boost results in your business. 

We know how to tackle such projects effectively and can help with their subsequent promotion – on and offline. 

If you would like to discover just how effective Whitepapers can be in getting your business greater authority in your market just email: info@propertycopy.co.uk or call 01635 917373 now.

Henry James – The PropertyCopy & Content Marketing Strategy Man – Making Your Life Easier & Boosting Your Profits

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