Video Studies

Reposition Businesses in a prospect's mind and boost authority...

I am sure you would agree it’s hard to resist a great story.

That’s why we all love a great movie, play or novel. And if you really like a book, film or play you may re-read or re-watch it time and again

And if you delve further into the effect of stories, scientific results will tell you they do more than just entertain us. Stories are proven to deeply influence our beliefs and decisions and outcomes.

The reason is that stories mainly appeal to our emotions. They reach deeper into ourselves than other messages we receive and cut through our typical “message” resistors.

And stories do that by drawing you in.....and by creating "stories" around your business you will draw more customers into your business - something I am sure is something your business needs to be doing right now?

And you can do that with video case studies. These are your ultra engaging, highly informative Video Case Studies and can be about your business’s “success stories.”

Video Case studies are short, mainly scripted and recorded pieces that describe how your business solved a challenge, faced by your clientele with a product or service solution you provided — and shows the results, benefits, and value that solution helped the client resolve as well as recorded testimonials an interviews.

These are visual "before and after” stories.

They vary in length, but our experience knows the sweet spot for these pieces is about 1 or 2 pages — or about 800 to 1,200 words long or about 1-3 minutes but they can also be much longer.

And they can be used in a variety of ways and channels - not just Google, Bing or Yahoo.

For a video case study to work you need great interviews with people with the right information put into punchy scripts, and a "golden thread" to build the visuals around.

The best video case studies, like great songs, need to take a straightforward story and find a great “hook” or “angle” that would make it stand out. It needs to dig around for the crucial clues and facts that will help craft a rich, compelling story.

If you feel you have stories in your business you want to capture and turn into a great Video and Written Case Study in your market, then PropertyVideoTV can deliver a compelling new way to differentiate your business to help it thrive and prosper ahead of your competition.

Just call 01635 917373 now, or email: and put “Case Study” in the subject line. Just add a suitable time and number to call you to discuss your needs.