Getting Started With PropertyCopy

How To Get Started Quickly


A Quick OnBoarding Guide To The The Simplest, Easiest Way To Get Started With PropertyCopy As Your Secret Weapon...

OK, you have read everything here, we may have a had a chat or two and…drum roll…..thank you, thank you, you have decided to hire us!

So….what happens next?

Once you’ve hired us we will help get whatever project is agreed all the way through to its completion.

What we provide you aren’t just some “ideas” and then just a document.

Like you, we are action takers and will give you whatever help is needed to help you achieve your goal.

What we give you is not just a service but something that is a DESIRE FILLER - for you. Actions and results that make your life easier.

It may sound a bit "lofty" but one if our sincerest and key goals - working with any client - is to make our clients lives easier!

For you, your business, and your prospects. Seriously that is one of our goals.

The form it comes in will vary, dependent on what you have asked us to do or create. Be that a video sales letter, postcard, landing page, blog, email or a direct mail piece, case study, or white paper, or reputation builder.

Dependent on the size and scope of your business, collaboration will be key to the project’s success, be that just with you, or through you and your marketing team; such as a graphic designer, your webmaster, and so on.

That way we increase the probability everyone’s hard work pays off.

Initially we will be asking lots of questions.

Plus, we will discuss what you need to provide related to the project in hand, as we will need information to get up to speed on your business specifically and quickly. We know the market but we need to know you and your business within it. Such as;

links to all your online materials: all current websites, landing pages

on and offline articles

samples of any marketing efforts: emails, e-newsletters, promotions, special reports, white papers, etc. and results

samples of printed materials: your company brochures, direct-mail campaigns, sales team sell sheets, adverts, packaging, printed newsletters, trade show materials, postcards, etc.

testimonials, endorsements, and case studies

branding stylebook or guidelines if available (the ones that give us direction on your company phraseology, your logos, and colours that must be used on your site and or offline and photos, or branding images)

email campaign performance, like Open Rates and Click-Through-Rates [CTR] are really useful – if you have them

or direct-mail response rates such as conversion to leads or sales etc

Website traffic reports, either from your host company or from Google Analytics. These monthly reports give us a wealth of statistics about site performance.

And then we will probably ask a load more questions. Then carefully consider all the answers, look at your goals and go from there.

And when can you have your finished project?

It depends on the size and complexity of what has been asked for and how busy we are with other ongoing projects at the time we discuss you’re hiring us.

But, at the time you choose us we will clearly outline in a formal agreement the specific services being provided and when. Plus you will have outlined to us when you need it by so we both know where we stand at the start.

The project could be a sequential series of say, 7 emails and a landing page; or maybe a Video Case Study and written study, or some Search Engine Optimisation for 8 web pages; or, say x number of blog posts a month; or an appointment setting direct mail campaign package, or a reputation boosting reviews programme.

They are all different projects with different inputs and time scales. Any agreement we provide will include the agreed-upon fees for each project element and time scale. That way neither of us has any horrible, hidden surprises. 

We will work out a specific schedule indicating how long each step will take. For example, a video sales letter may include:

strategic planning

content mapping/copy message platform development

copywriting complete script drafts

client/testimonial/client interviews if needed

shoot location and arrangement

any coordinating with a designer or web team/videographer

final edits and approvals.

So, you too will need to factor in how the works get done at your end and for sign off and approvals at the relevant stages. That is all part of the scheduling we both do. 

Talking of which – it is always good for you to organise to be available and flexible as the project progresses to each key stage. That way you can provide early feedback and provide the needed approvals when they are needed to keep things on schedule.

If you want to get started, or need to know more, just call us on 01635 917373 or email me at:

Henry James – The PropertyCopy & Content Marketing Strategy Man – Making Your Life Easier & Boosting Your Profits