Our Samples Page

Thank you for coming to the samples page.

Here is a mixed bag of samples from a variety of projects. If you want to know more about any of the services in any of the samples I can put you in touch with the provider as appropriate.  

If I can help with any of your projects: from training manuals to sell sheets for the sales team, web page copy, AdWords, coupons, SEO copy, B2B or B2C communications, videos and video case studies, video sales letters, or white papers – on and offline, in the property market or property services sector and trades just give me a call and let’s see if we are a good fit. 

A White Paper That Explores How Thinking Pattern Changes Can Boost Results For Businesses and Their Employees

A White Paper Discussing None Traditional Ways To Get Better Performers

A General Promo Piece Written For A B2B Consultancy Specialising in

Group Move Relocations Management

A Sales Piece Promoting A Marketing System That Boosts Sales Results

A Positioning Paper For A Relocation Service For Corporate Clients

A Flyer/PDF promo for some new Information Room Technology for Relocation Projects

A General Piece On Speeches and Speech Writing

A Brief Promo Targeted to Distressed Home Sellers for a BMV Firm

Promotion Piece for a Time Management Manual For Estate Agents

Henry James – The PropertyCopy & Content Marketing Strategy Man – Making Your Life Easier & Boosting Your Profits

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Other examples of project work include:

a sales letter for a speed radar detection system

a research project for a UK based relocation consultancy

local area research, web copy, branding for a web-based agency

a sales letters appointments pack that boosted appointment levels by 15% for a property data company

[but they are covered by NDA’s].