DEFEAT THE AFFECT of CoVid19 On Your Business


If you provide Open House, Web listings, Virtual Listings, or know friends who provide group classes: gym, yoga, ballet, dance, are a personal coach or trainer then CoVid has dealt you a nasty blow – BUT, with our ONLINE VIDEO STREAMING SYSTEM, we can help your business not just survive but thrive. See the online demo at my site then give a call to me on 01635 917373 or email or call at PropertyVideoTv on 01635 016002.


If you have contacts or are in a service such as hospitality or leisure and you need a way of taking ONLINE orders fast, then the new Online Ordering System from LocalLeadOptimiser could be just what you need. See the demo at now. Or give me a ring 01635 917373 or email

PROPERTY VIDEO: Property Video TV is our Home Services and Property Business Video Marketing Service. With over 40 years of experience in the market we help property services and home services businesses grow with Video and Direct marketing techniques.

Optimise YOUR Google My Business listing – claiming your business on Google and maximising your leads from it can make you more profits as it gets you more leads. At we provide access to a full training programme to maximise your Google My business listing. Or, of course, I can just do it all for you.

Reputation Management & Local Reputation Reports – discover how the world sees you and your business right now. Simply claim your FREE, no obligation, detailed and comprehensive review of you and your business. AND, if you need “early warning software” to highlight bad reviews then follow this link to our Reputation Management Page.

SALES TEAM PERFORMANCE: Sales Force Profiles and Training. If you recruit or employ sales people you know what a challenge it can be to get ones that actually perform as expected! Right?

We know that is the case, based on our experience of having set up from scratch, or taken over, sales teams. Our experiences have developed a unique way of enhancing sales personnel performance results.

The lifeblood of any business is leads and sales and whilst we have lots of ways in helping you get leads the key is converting them and that is what Sales Force Profiles and Training does. It helps you boost your current sales peoples results. And if recruiting it helps identify those that are best suited to sell what you offer in your company and in your market place. The results of this process can be astounding. Go to the link below:

MOBILE MARKETING: taking full advantage of mobile is something you cannot afford to miss out on. It is a fantastic way to get sales, communicate with and generate more leads and much more. Just go to the link below to our Mobile Marketing Platform. You can either create your own mobile responsive sites, reverse responsive sites and/or get text marketing really working for your business. Or, of course we can do it all for you.

LEAD GENERATION: Offline Marketing still has a massive place in every businesses armoury and Lead Explosion is our OFFLINE marketing business, specialising in all things off line. Not to be forgotten as direct mail, post card marketing and more can still get results if done the right way. And the right combination of off line and Online can create explosive results.

General Resources

DIY Video – just click the link below to be taken to Animoto, a video creation tools that is really simple to use. Here is the LINK.

THINKING and SALES IMPROVEMENT: Have you thought about YOUR Thinking? Ok, that’s a weird question right? But think about it. Understanding how you think and how you can approach things differently can have a massive effect on you and it can also have a massive effect on your whole business. Just go to our special project web site to discover more:

WEB HOSTING: Hosting. Every business needs hosting and you may have yours hosted already. However, you may want to set up your own hosting. We have @ 43+ website domains, not all live, but they are nearly all hosted with GVO. Reliable, “up” all the time, great support. Not everyone needs hosting for that number so the link below includes 4 sites, a Cpanel, autoresponder, Easy Video Creator and an online conference room. Just click this link:

If you seek to look after more than 4 sites then the unlimited package may be more suited to your needs. If so, just click this link instead.

CUSTOMER UX: The Customers Sales Journey, in fact any “journey” with your business – a phone call, an email, a customer support call, etc should enhance, reinforce and improve their relationship with your business. BUT, and it is a big but, that is not always the case with many, many businesses where tiny little details let your business down time and again, which loses customers. We have a way to stop that with a proprietary process called TouchPoint1. To discover more just go to the link below.