Emails & Sequenced Sales

Emails and having them really work for your business

Email still works, as do sales letter or postcard sequences – and the tiniest of changes can explode results…

The email you send maybe a “solo” email: just a single email to a list to get some responses. It may be a full, sequential email campaign, with a “golden thread” running through that promotes your business or a specific service in your business, such as broking, surveys, conveyancing, valuation etc. over a period that may be a few days, weeks, or months.

It may simply be an “ezine” to keep your name and information in front of mind for your customer’s clients or prospects. And it equally applies to postcard or sales letter campaigns too.

Messages can be written to address specific segments of your mailing list such as First Time Buyers, or Older downsizers, HR departments of local employers for relocation work, local developers, and so on.

Messages can work on their own or as part of a multi-channel approach to your target audience.

Whatever part email or sequenced sales messages may play in your communications there are “key” things any email, letter, or postcard must have to get read and acted on. The first is a good subject line. Without that, your email will never get opened.The aim of the subject line is to get the email opened. Once opened the next purpose is to get the first line read, then the second line, and so on. So each element of the email or letter needs to be carefully crafted to achieve that.

Key is having a specific objective…

The objective in our case, on a page such as this, is simply to entice you to call us to discuss ways to boost up your results by raising things for you to consider and once considered to explore them more.

There are various tried and tested email/letter structures we follow, each depending on the end result you want the email to achieve. i.e. the objective of the email.

That may be a good old fashioned – but very current AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. It may be PAR – problem, agitate, resolve, and any number of other formulae that can produce the result you need such as the KLT formula [know, like, and trust].

No matter how turgid, boring or uninteresting a subject matter may be, once it’s turned into a riveting story it pulls readers into the message and keeps them there. They become engaged. And they are more likely to respond.

Getting Your Readers From Interest To Action

The aim of any communications you send is to get some form of action or engagement from the reader. The more disarming the message then the easier it is to “transition” the reader’s mind to take the action you want them to take.

Targeting the email or message at the right audience is also crucial.Email and Autoresponder Campaigns

You may want a specific email to go to, say first time buyers or elderly downsizers with a similar message BUT the words – choices and tone, for each – will be totally different, as the motivations of each subset will have a different range of underlying concerns the email needs to answer.

First time buyers will want to know more about the moving process as will the elderly who won’t have moved for 20+ years but presenting the information in the same way to both groups damages responses, so it needs to have the right language, pace and tone to get the best results.

The tone and word choices need to reflect your target audience

There are fundamental principles you must have in place when writing for a buyer’s mindset as opposed to a prospect’s, the old v the young, and so on. This is where you can add some serious differences to the results you get.

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