Discover how tiny differences in copy can create massive benefits for your business, read on…

Simple copy changes can massively boost response

Could changing a single letter in an ad or sales piece really make a difference and boost your responses by 10-25-50-100-200% or more??

The short answer is YES. But Why did it? That is the interesting bit for your business.

The boost for this sudden increase in sales came about because of a printers error. With the inadvertent use of the simple letter “s”.

The headline in question was selling a music course. The original ad said: “Put music in your life”. But one day the printing firm, in error, added the letter “s” at the end of the word “put”.

It became “Puts music in your life”. And responses and sales rocketed.

Interesting I know, but you are probably asking yourself: What’s that got to do with you and your business?

The positioning of the letter "s" had a psychological effect in the ad reader’s mind.

It changes “put” – which suggested some effort was required by anyone reading the ad to “Puts” which suggested the effort needed had already taken place.

It is an understanding of the psychology of why responses rocketed that is the important part for you – and for us.

In another instance, a marketer put an image into a previously unillustrated ad. The result?

Responses erupted by 42%

Why do we mention these examples?

Because, as a specialist writers and content creators in the property market:

it is our role to get you responses, new leads to higher sales conversions.

it's our job to have a perennial curiosity of what response elements work so you don’t waste money on those that don’t – which gives you more to spend on those that do

We “peel back the layers of the onion”, to see what it is about the market, and your prospects, to create the right message that sells for you.

We create content that nurtures your prospects with the right triggers” to make sure they come to you when they are buying

And its our lifeblood to make sure it works.

From tried and tested methods to learning from someone else’s mistake, someone else’s judgment, testing, or error – it all goes into the melting pot of understanding the underlying “secrets” that work and applying them to what we could be doing for you.

…as you have read – even the tiniest change makes a world of difference…

Whether that be an “s”, or changing an ad with an illustration, to changing the recency, frequency or content of an email campaign. You may not be worried about why these examples worked but may just be interested in having techniques such as these working to boost your responses to your sales messages content and communications?

Because you are thinking about that we sure you will agree the right trigger can start a sale, and those triggers can be created by the right spoken or written word!

As that is true you also agree that carefully crafted sales materials and content are essential to your success.

They are so important they can make or break a business, any business – even yours!

Words – spoken or written – are the most powerful sales medium there is so you need to make sure every word used throughout your business is 100% effective – online, offline, face to face, or via video.

“Words that capture your customers thinking turns it into money!”

Specialised copy, for your market, reflects what’s happening in your buyers and sellers heads and attracts them to your business again and again – giving you the maximum value for the longest time. Something we are sure you want?

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You deserve an easier life…

What we do gets you that.

Getting you better results means you can start to imagine having less hassle, with the right messages placed in your market, delivered in exactly the right way, creating the right result.

The net result is you have your life made easier and a more robust business to boot – even in today’s climate of CoVid19!

How about that? There, that’s it.

Our sales pitch in a nutshell – an easier life for you…

And all that could be achieved from just a few minutes of your time and a few words from us.

Go on...we dare you – just imagine an easier life…

In 3 months, 6 months, a year from now you will really kick yourself if you don’t. And we have the tools and skills to make that happen…so pick up the ‘phone or send us an email.

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