How We Can Help You?

We Can Help Any Business In Any Marketplace but We Also Specialise In The Property Sector

So let us draw you in by asking three short questions:

1. When you have dental problems – where do you go?

2. When you need some financial advice – where do you go?

3. When you want your car sorting – where do you go?

We are guessing, but we expect your answers were similar to these:

1. To a trusted dentist

2. To an IFA, a qualified financial planner or bank adviser

3. To a garage specialising in car servicing and fleet work.

Can This Be The New Blueprint For Your Greater Success?

In other words, you go to a specialist because you know they have spent years training. You entrust yourself to them because they are the experts, they have the experience to protect the investment you have made in your cars, your finances, and your physical well being.

Besides you are employed by your clients because you are a specialist.

We are too.

You could probably pull the tooth yourself but it doesn’t even bear thinking about does it? So you go to a specialist. The IFA has extra knowledge too. So you go to a specialist.

You could repair your car yourself – but you don’t have the time and besides which they are far too complicated. So you go to a specialist.

You already know specialists help you save and make more money and time for your business…just as you do for your clients

We know – because we are probably a bit like you – we have sweated over our business as you have for yours. You have toiled for it. Had sleepless nights and strains over it, and fought the commercial demons for its success.

And our specialist help could make your life even easier!

If looking after your teeth, your finances and your cars is important enough for a specialist why treat the lifeblood of your business differently?

As wordsmiths and marketers we love sticking our head under the bonnet, relish looking into different markets to see what they are thinking and planning ways to harness the additional potential that nearly always exists in the niche we specialise in – the property market and property services.

Professional, property oriented, customer focused copy, gets your targets to act. Which makes you more money!

That’s why great words, ideas and getting actions that sell is our lifeblood – we specialise in it. We live and breathe it – ask the bosses wife, she’ll tell you that’s true.

That’s why we founded the PropertyCopy Business – to help fellow business owners in the property sector make more money.

Discover, as others have done, the ways that boost leads and profits. See if we can help enrich your business even more by picking up the phone and calling us on 01635 917373 or email

We Could be just the reinforcements you need for your business

In your heart of hearts, the real “marketer” in you knows you can boost your business even more - you just need some reinforcements to do it. If you want help with leads, conversions, sales and new results almost immediately, then you know it’s an investment you should be making.

The positive thing about what we do - as opposed to just "marketing" - is it's measurable, scalable, and repeatable...

From the Company tag line, to sales appointment generators, presentation materials, how your staff greet prospects and clients – even your credit chasing letters and invoices can sell for you, because the right words can jump off the page and grab their attention: promote, convert, educate, and provoke an action.

So, rather than put this stuff off until tomorrow, just pick up the phone and call us, right now, on 01635 917373 so you can discuss how it could work for you instead.

You want people to take action – but that won’t happen until YOU DO.

As you are going to do right now, while it's fresh in your mind – take action with your business to boost your results by calling us.

But we can only do that for you if you pick up that phone – otherwise, you will never find out!

So pick up your phone, right now, and call us on 01635 917373.

If your own sales copy, sales letters, web pages or even your own office atmosphere is lacking in making you feel any emotion at all then call 01635 917373 now – or email

Look, we know you are bombarded with messages, sales pitches and more, but we have managed to hold your attention so far so just talk to us for a few minutes. It could be worth its weight in gold. We could use that tired, hackneyed, old marketers phrase:

“Just imagine our new attention-grabbing copy landing in front of your list of prospects or customers, imagine your phones ringing off the hook or a full office of eager customers, a full mail sack arriving at your door. Imagine leads being created direct to your business"... blah blah blah”

– but we won’t.

Instead, all we will say is: You deserve an easier life

Well, you do don’t you…?

So, just imagine less hassle, the right messages in your market space delivered in exactly the right way, creating the right result and following a plan with the sole aim of making your life easier and your business making even more money.

How about that? Our sales pitch in a nutshell - an easier life for you!

And all that could be achieved from just a few minutes of your time and a few words from us.

Go on, just imagine an easier life and pick up the 'phone or send us an email. In 3 months, 6 months, a year from now, you will really kick yourself if you don’t.

Yours Faithfully,

Henry James,

The PropertyCopy & Content Marketing Strategy Man

P.S: As a fellow business owner Henry knows you never really switch off. You are thinking about your business 24/7 but we can help you make your thinking time even more productive. As you are always on the lookout for ways to boost your business call us on 01635 917373 or leave a short message and preferred time for a callback or drop an email to 

Respond within 14 days we will also send you “Business Exposed”, our business guide on getting more exposure for your business and more profits, and a 30-minute consultation certificate valued at £250, just for responding – BUT only if you do so within the next 14 days. Quote PC21720