Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Reputations can be made and lost in seconds...

Which is why the reputation of your business is critical to your continued success.

In which case you need to make sure you have tools in place to manage that reputation and to proactively alert you to anything that is appearing on the web that could destroy it.

At PropertyCopy we help businesses generate leads but also understand the importance of keeping them once you have them.

And part of that is using KLT – Know, Like and Trust. A key part of your businesses KLT equation is your businesses Reputation.

Today, to build that Know, Like, and Trust, here is what you need:

68% consumers trust online reviews as much as personal testimonials

92% of Consumers Read On line reviews

Before making a buying decision consumers look at 10 reviews

AND...Buyers need to see 6-10 Five Star reviews to buy from you.

So it's a business imperative for you that your reviews and testimonials are managed as proactively as possible.

Sources: BrightLocal,BazaarVoice.Com,

Which means you need a process and way to do that.

Your reputational grade could be “excellent”, or it could be really bad.

Where you sit on that spectrum is often somewhere between the two.

But, and it is a big BUT, where you sit is not decided by you.

Your reputation is decided by your current or past clients or buyers!

Take Property purchase as an example. It can be quite an emotional thing so some of the outbursts online can be pretty emotional too…but are you controlling how that is seen in your market?

More importantly with all the other things you have to do to keep your business running, as a busy business owner, when was the last time you had the time to thoroughly check your online reputation?

And as a busy business owner or manager, you need processes and procedures to manage them.

What is your process for getting more of them?

Are your staff trained thoroughly to both protect and grow you image and reputation?

If you have good reviews what process do you have in place to put them to even better effect? And the same applies if they are bad - how are you nullifying them?

Or do you simply do not have enough reviews compared to your competitors.

Because Online reviews are a trusted source of information about what you do… you need to manage your on-line presence well and we have a way to do that.

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We have a cutting edge way to help with the 3 key things that can grow your business reputation:

1: How you MANAGE your reputation

2: How you BUILD a 5 Start Reputation

3: How you MARKET your 5 Star Reputation

We have ways to set up and pre-empt and respond to any bad reviews and proactively make you aware of them and can even respond to them for you.

From ways to make a negative comment less obvious to getting better reviews to appear “top of mind”, from an initial analysis of where your business currently stands and helping it stand higher, from blogging to press releases, keyword optimisation, article writing, reviews, Facebook, fan pages, discussions, and forums; there are a variety of ways to help YOU get and maintain a 5 Star Reputation that you earn – and expand it and can MARKET it.

We help you Protect – Build – Manage - Market AND EXPAND YOUR reputation. 

We help with analytics, updates, page index analysis, Site Authority, Social Bookmaking, RSS Feeds. links etc too.

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and when you have if you have reputation or review issues issues then let us know and we can help you put it right!